Celebrate 140ᵗʰ Anniversary of Thai Postal Service

1ˢᵗ NFT Stamp in ASEAN

Get to know the 1ˢᵗ NFT Stamp in ASEAN

For the 1ˢᵗ time of ASEAN,
Thailand Post has opened a parallel world of a philately to connect
a physical stamp with a digital one under the concept “Thailand Post Goes Digital”. Buy 1 Get 2!

Get 1 Get the stamp with its package delivered to your address

Get 2 Get FREE NFT Stamp randomly by filling
the code under the scratch-off
area for the registration Click here!

Amazing Facts of NFT Stamp

1ˢᵗ Time of ASEAN

For the 1ˢᵗ time of ASEAN, this is the opening of parallel world in the philately. Besides the physical stamp, you will get the NFT stamp for your collection. This is a bridge to connect NFT collectors and stamp collectors.

1ˢᵗ Time of 18 Cartoon Characters from NFT Artists

Thai famous NFT artists have joined this project to create 50,000 different and unique designs by generative arts.

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Only 140 Legend NFTs

In this collection, the 1ˢᵗ NFT Stamp in ASEAN, there are only 140 legend NFT stamps which are in the rarest level. It can be unlocked randomly. The unique thing of this level is the distinctive texture of the pigeon with the perforated border. Besides the legend level, the NFT stamps will be minted with the levels of scarcity; Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common.

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NFT Communities

Meet the works of 18 leading NFT artists in Thailand

PunkKub NFT



Zmile Monkeyz Club


I Learn A Lot


Naga DAO



Hotel de Mentía

Stocker DAO


Moo Monster



Jaybird NFT Collection


How to notice the NFT Community's name

PunkKub NFT

ความชอบในตัว Pixel art และ Smart Contract ทำให้เกิดเป็นงานนี้ขึ้นมา


Work samples

How to Spot the Differences
of Each Rarity Level

Examples of NFT Stamps For Each Rarity


140 units


1,400 units


6,400 units


14,000 units


28,000 units

Get Free NFT Stamp
Easily by 3 Steps

  • Buy

    Order the Crypto Stamp to be NFT Stamp’s owner Click to buy

  • Register

    Connect your MetaMask Wallet or JNFT. Then, fill your information for the registration

  • Get Free

    Scratch and get a code for FREE NFT Stamp!



Order the Crypto Stamp to be NFT Stamp’s owner Click to buy



Connect your MetaMask Wallet or JNFT. Then, fill your information for the registration


Get Free

Scratch and get a code for FREE NFT Stamp!

Differences between Physical Stamp and NFT (Digital Stamp)

Physical Stamp

NFT (Digital Stamp)

Sticker stamp

One of digital collectibles on the blockchain which can be bought, sold, or traded on NFT platforms

It can be used for postal charges, cost 140 baht.

It cannot be used for any postal charges.

Designed by Thailand Post

Designed by famous NFT artists

Running number: 1 – 50000

50,000 different and unique designs of NFTs

Remarks :Although the code is scratched off, the physical stamp can be used normally for postal charges with ease. The code can be used only one time.


General Questions

About NFT


Crypto Stamp is one of commemorative stamps, launched by Thailand Post on 14ᵗʰ August 2022. The face value is 140 baht. It comes with its beautiful package, including a code hidden behind a scratch-off area. You can get the free NFT stamp randomly by filling the code for the registration. We have 50,000 different and unique designs of NFTs, designed by famous Thai NFT artists. This stamp is the 1ˢᵗ NFT stamp in ASEAN.

Channel 1: Order via from 1 August 2022 onwards. Free delivery when your order reaches 500 baht for domestic shipment. If not, the delivery fee is 50 baht. For international shipments, please check the charge rates on the website.

Channel 2: Buy at stamp counters at General Postal Office or Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum from 14 August 2022 onwards.

General Postal Office

Open: Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. / Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. / Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.Tel. 02 614 7455

Click to see map

Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum

Open: Wednesday – Sunday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Tel. 02 271 2439

Click to see map

Thai Stamp Member whose account remains enough balance on 14ᵗʰ August 2022 will get one stamp per account automatically. If you want more, please order via www.thailandpostmart.com or buy at General Post Office or at Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum.


Crypto Stamp is a sticker stamp of specified value, 140 baht, so it can be affixed to a letter or a parcel for 140-baht postage charges. But NFT Stamp on the blockchain from your registration cannot be used as postage charges.


Terms and Conditions

  • NFTs minted by Thailand Post are the complimentary. Customers need to link their wallets to store the NFTs. There are no fees to receive the NFTs. Thailand Post is responsible for the payment of all fees.
  • NFTs are the digital assets stored on the blockchain, so no one, including Thailand Post, NFTs artists, and owners, can make the adaption or the adjustment. Thailand Post reserves the right not to make the adaption, the adjustment, or the removal of the NFTs on the system.
  • Every NFT will be created randomly from the mixture of pictures’ parts, so 50,000 designs of NFTs are different and unique.
  • NFTs are pieces of art for collection. They are the real NFTs on the blockchain called JNFT. Owners can sell at NFTs market on the same blockchain but they cannot be exchanged for their cash value.
  • NFTs characters are under the right of Thailand Post, the creator. Owners of NFT Stamps are not allowed to produce, reproduce, copy, adapt, and reuse NFT Stamps for commercial purposes, except selling NFTs at NFTs market.
  • Owners of NFTs are allowed to save and store NFTs’ files for ownership purposes on their social networking sites; for example, uploading as profile pictures, or posting on social networking sites. However, they are not allowed to adapt NFTs for public relations, such as leaflet, TV, advertising billboard, digital signage, etc.
  • NFT Stamps stored on JNFT platform are conducting unlimited-time display. However, some changes on the blockchain may have effects on NFT Stamps.
  • Owners of NFTs are allowed to use their NFTs on the blockchain network of JFIN Chain. If NFTs are developed to link to other NFTs functions, they are still permitted to use on the platform. For example, NFTs can be sold and exchanged on the marketplace, or they can be displayed on Virtual Gallery or Metaverse in the future.